Infantry shelter 1887, POLAND, TORUN


It is a great pleasure to introduce to the viewers amazing property that connects historical military structure with a modern building. Its original purpose was to protect but nowadays it can be an office, exibition complex or a winery. The owner of this property for many years was running an advertising agency.

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The building on Polna Street consists of two parts. One part is a historic Prussian infantry shelter from 1887, the other part is a modern office building. The newly built part is connected with a glass corridor, giving it a modern design, providing a lot of natural light and optically enlarging the room. Heading towards the office room, we can notice that the walls are not finished right up to the ceiling. Not without a reason, as their task is to provide natural light. Our attention is drawn to separate workplaces that are very comfortable to use. A well-equipped kitchen is available in the common room. There is also a relaxation area for everyone on the outside terrace, which is equipped with comfortable chairs and tables where you can sit, drink coffee and take a breath of fresh air among the beautiful greenery. All desks and equipment available for work are located in the general room. Their arrangement is so arranged that no one disturbs each other. The warehouse with an area of ​​33.4 m2 is very comfortable for the company, and it will be easy to get to it, because it has a very large entrance gate. The rooms are air-conditioned, they keep the oval shape of the shelter, which makes us go back a few years and activate our imaginations. Most of the buildings and rooms are now very modernly furnished, while here the simplicity was put together with the addition of a light freshness with glass. We also use renovated bathrooms, which are fully sufficient for everyday use.


Exhibition space

An ideal place for small shows and exhibitions. Light adjustable to the purpose of the presentation, additionally to feel the atmosphere of the event. Cool in summer and warm in winter is additional advatage.

Quiet spot

A place where silence accompanies creative processes and promotes relaxation. Great ideas require a suitable place to develop. Many new initiatives were born this way.

Networking place

Regardless of whether you want to meet colleagues or clients, this place impresses everyone. A good impression is a good opening to deepen relationships with customers and more.



This well preserved Infantry Shelter was built in the year of 1887. It was destined to protect a company of nearly 250 soldiers and officers. 

Its main layout features are pair of entrances located in the axis of the facade. Inner space was divided into six chambers. Five of them were intended for soldiers and one was dedicated for the officers. All of the chambers were connected to each other by the narrow corridor located along the outer wall of the structure. That wall was nearly 1,5 meters thick protecting stationed residents from the artillery fire. Separate entrance led through a cornered vestibule to a chamber. A bit of light was deliverd by arched window placed in the wall of each vestibule. Gravity ventilation was dedicated for each compartment. Fresh air flow was supported by two air intakes shletered behind thick steel plates and pipe system for each chamber. To impróve circulation in each chamber arched vaults were tilted towards the foreground. On the south-eastern end of the shelter there was a toilet attached with walls as thick as main structure.

The facility was erected by French prisoners of war. Since the Germans wanted no one to take out the secrets of the erected building, they decided to shorten the lives of the builders of the building. The Germans hired courtesans on the last day of construction. Legend has it that most of the builders died from syphilis. Only the commander remained alive, faithful to his wife.